The Perfect Bike Jersey

A soft, knitted somewhat stretchable Merino Jersey that provides temperature regulation and protection during cycling. A comfy higher collar plus double layered end of each sleeve displays a fine European craftsmanship.

  • Merino wool
  • Isolates the cold and tempers the body
  • High quality non mulesed Merino blend from Sportwool
  • Sourced accordingly to Responsible Wool Standard ( RWS)

Why We Think Merino Wool is the Best Fabric Ever

Want to know why Merino is the king of wool? It makes you go further and longer without feeling wet and clammy by keeping you dry and sweat free by transporting moisture away from the fabric before it evaporates. The way it insulates by trapping air when it’s cold outside and cools you when it’s warm sounds almost magic, but trust us, we tried it ourselves! The wool is so thin and fine it bends out of the way when snug to your skin and absorbs odor. So all in all It’s crazy soft and comfortable while giving you the edge in performance when biking!

Get on the Road with Nothing in Your Way

The Long Sleeve Merino Jersey is super soft with a regular bike fit, giving you the absolute best comfort and temperature regulation when cycling.

It has Silicon grippers to keep the jersey in place at the bottom sleeve and hem, keeping your concentration on pedaling forward, not on adjusting your clothes. You get a smoother profile on the shoulders with the Raglan sleeves from the neck to the arm and three pockets at the back, with an additional zip pocket.

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