VOID Returns to MTB

Long time, no see! The rumors are true - VOID is back on the trails with a fresh MTB range. When you are conquering the brushy and overgrown trails or going crazy fast in an adrenaline filled downhill rush, you need clothes that fit well, look the part and are durable enough to take a few bails and crashes (because as we all know: if you’re not crashing, you’re not trying hard enough!). The VOID MTB collection cuts no corners and is designed by MTB-nerds, for MTB-nerds, with the help of our athletes to give you an unbeatable kit for the trail.

Filling the VOID

Unlike our aerodynamically designed road cycling wear, our MTB range is looser and more relaxed. This gives you the high-quality craftmanship VOID is known for, finding the perfect middle ground between performance and laid-back vibes. That is what we do best, filling the void in the market with high quality, performance clothing that can challenge any weather or terrain.

The Colors of the Forest

We designed the MTB collection to all fit together. Mix and match as you please! The Black and Dark Khaki are inspired by the dark green of the Swedish forests and will make you blend in like camo. If you want to stand out a bit pick a jersey in expressive purple or blue.

Adam Larsson Taking the MTB Collection Into the Wild

Our new MTB Athlete Adam Larsson got a hold of the MTB collection a little early and did his best to get them dirty! See how they hold up when he takes them out for a spin starting from suburban and into the deep lush forest. Welcome to the team Adam!


You decide when it’s time to hit the trails, not the weather! You’re the boss! The MTB Boulder Jacket is waterproof and ventilated, keeping you dry when you need it.

A moisture wicking mountain bike Jersey keeping you dry on the offroad adventures. Be the one of the fastest and look the part when you are conquering the brushy and overgrown trails with the MTB Rock Jersey giving you both race performance and a sweet style.


A perfect combination of coverage and breathability. The MTB Rock Long Sleeve Jersey also comes in a variety of colors to fit your style!

Keep you cool and complete the look with a pair of MTB shorts with a nice baggy style and knee length for the best coverage. Keep your pants in place with the built-in bib of MTB Twain Pants.

Hey, where you about to go riding without pants!? We fully support your idea of freedom, YOU DO YOU! But if you want to stay a tad classier the MTB range Pant 2.0 is a water-repellant double weaved mountain bike pant that's lightweight and comfortable. It's super durable and will protect your legs if you end up in a bush or on your butt.

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