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We have all been there. The thought to surrender to the cold, buy a trainer and sweat it out inside until spring is back with warmth, sunshine, dry roads... the list of reasons never end.

But when you really think about it, I think we can all agree: riding outside is always better than riding inside, right? So, we have listed our top 5 tips on how to stay warm, comfortable and enjoy riding outside even when the temperatures drop. 



First on our list, and maybe also the most important rule of staying warm when cycling in the cold: layer up! Layering up will give better possibilities to keep you in control of your body temperature and enable you to adjust it during your ride. 

Start with a base layer that handles the moisture, add a mid-layer with thermal properties to keep you warm and comfortable, and then an outer layer that has windstopper capabilities that will block the wind and cold air from reaching your other layers.  

5° to 10° C
Baselayer: Shield Top
Mid-layer: Yoke Long Sleeve
Outer-layer: iD Softshell Jacket

Below 5° C
Baselayer: Shield Top
Mid-layer: Yoke Long Sleeve
Outer-layer: Bore Softshell Jacket


Most of us are pretty used to bring spares to fix our bicycles, and this becomes even more important during riding in the cold. Getting stuck far from home, in the cold, because you forgot the extra tube is not ideal, and waiting for rescue / walking home will quickly turn your body temperature down. So, check your spares before heading out.

Also, don't forget to bring spares for yourself. Even if you might start your ride in slightly milder conditions, the temperature can quickly drop after a few hours in, and that extra layer you brought along might be the difference between comfortable and freezing. Sometimes, especially while riding in the cold, having a bit of extra gear in your pockets is worth the extra weight. 


It might be the smallest cycling apparel item, but a lot of times the most important part of the puzzle to stay warm when cycling in the cold. Starting to get cold hands and feet often quickly develops into feeling quite cold through your entire body. Therefore proper accessories will make the real difference to your cold ride experience.

Below is our "must have" accessories to stay warm while cycling in cold temperature.

- Merino Beanie
- Neck tube
- Lobster gloves
- Winter shoe covers


If you aim to go for a longer ride (2+ hours), plan a mid-ride break to get inside and get some extra help with staying warm. Take this time to enjoy a nice cup of coffee or another hot beverage, a snack and warm-up. Possibly swap any damp gear if you followed step 2 and bought spares. 

Sometimes you just want to do your ride and not waste any time by taking long breaks, which is fine as well. But we highly recommend the occasional mid-ride break to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and chat with your riding friends. If done safely, it has probably never been as much needed as now with the current pandemic.

Stay safe! 


To eat properly before / during a ride is always important, but when riding in the cold it has an extra "help-factor". By avoiding running low on energy, you will help the body fight the cold which will ultimately keep you feeling much better and more comfortable.

Make sure to get a proper pre-ride meal in and maybe ad an extra energy snack or two in the back pocket to keep energy levels high during your entire ride.


In the end, all we want to do is ride our bicycles. We hope with these tips we encourage you to gear up, head out and ride even if the weather might not be ideal.

Remember to stay safe on the roads and ride to your ability in the conditions you face.


/VOID Cycling Team


Rider: Ralph Kalinski
Instagram: @ralph_is_riding