Born on the Swedish west coast in 2014 VOID Cycling has been shaped by the beautiful windswept landscape around the west coast archipelago. The group of passionate riders that founded the brand lived and breathed mountain and snow sports in the winter and biking in the summer - a 365 circle of interests that meant the mountain was always present in any shape or form, no matter if it was conquering those steep serpentine roads or maneuvering the mountain trails.

The harsh climate and demanding conditions of Sweden's west coast, where rain and strong wind is part of everyday life, requires premium apparel functionality. Our design department has always worked in close connection with our ambassadors creating premium quality pieces that will stand the test of time and fulfill our mission - to design, develop and market premium performance cycling products that will stand the test of tear & wear during all weather conditions.

Sustainability has always been at the heart of VOID Cycling with a clear vision of minimizing our environmental footprint. In addition, we want to inspire people to use their innate engine to ride, compete and commute.