Void Bottle


100.00 kr
The VOID bottle is a sturdy water bottle with a striking design. The screw-on cap features a lockable spout; the triangular form of the cap guarantees a secure grip. The bottle is wide-mouthed and easy to fill and clean.

The VOID Water Bottle is made out of biodegradable plastic. The bio-batch material alters the molecular structure, which helps the material decompose to nourish the soil and become reabsorbed into the environment.
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Article number: 4146191-001
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100% Biobased material made out of sugercane.

Verfied by ASTM D6866.

Refill Sustainable, Reduce Co2 Recycle 100%

  • Classic 500 ml size BPA free plastic
  • Made from sugercane a 100% biobased material
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