Our Story

VOID Cycling is made by cyclist for cyclists. Born on the Swedish west coast in 2014 the brand was shaped by the windswept landscape around the west coast archipelago. Founded by a group of passionate riders with one mission – to fill that void on the market with high-end performance apparel products for cyclists that can challenge any weather conditions.

The harsh climate and demanding conditions of Sweden, where rain and strong wind is part of everyday life, requires premium apparel functionality. With thousands of hours on the saddle, our design team and brand ambassadors have pulled all their knowhow into the products that is carrying the VOID Cycling logo today.

In 2021 VOID Cycling became a part of the Swedish company USWE Sports AB, a company driven by its great passion in sports and having access to a strong global bike distribution network. A merge with a clear purpose, where the origin DNA of VOID Cycling will remain, where its strong roots to cycling and performance will be unchanged.

All About Passion

At VOID Cycling we are continuing to push the limits on our products and to pedal our bikes together with our buddies all over the planet. For us this is not only a job, it is also a passion and lifestyle that we share.


Riding In All Weather Conditions

In Sweden we have four clear seasons, but the strong winds and rain from all angles is always very present. It is demanding condition that requires an extensive wardrobe of cycling apparel to master these conditions. These test conditions have pushed us to design, develop and market the highest level of performance cycling products made to stand the test of tear & wear during all weather conditions.


Better Climate

At VOID Cycling we believe in a better future for our environment. That is why Sustainability is primary for every project that we run, with a clear vision of minimizing our environmental footprint. Our suppliers and factories are Blue Sign certified and all our fabrics and materials are following the REACH standard.

In addition, we at VOID Cycling want to inspire people to use their innate engine to ride, compete and commute.

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