To ensure your order arrives in time to put under your Christmas tree, we have the final order deadlines:

Rest of World: Sunday 16th December
Rest of Europe: Sunday 16th December
Europe (EU): Sunday 16th December
UK: Sunday 16th December
Sweden: Tuesday 18th December

We understand some items bought in December aren’t tried on until the end of the month, so we have extended our return period. All orders place in December can be returned until the end of January.


We can only match prices for items based on prices on our own website, and not based on prices our retail partners have or through voucher codes. If you have placed an order with an item at full price and without any other discounts or offers, and we reduce the item in price within 14 days from your purchase, you can contact us to receive a voucher for the difference in value. However, the product you bought and the product that has been reduced in price must be in stock in the same colour and size as the one you purchased.


If you have purchased your products through voidcycling.com, and have been unlucky enough to have had a crash and damaged your kit within 18 months of purchase, we can offer you up to 40% discount on replacement products. Send an e-mail to info@voidcycling.com with your original order number, photos of the damage, and a description of the crash and damage. We will then look at your case and will provide you with a discount, where possible.


Our clothes are made to fit while riding, so consider this when trying them on; they may feel short when stood up straight, but that should mean a better fit and less fabric flapping around while riding. The fabrics we use have a lot of stretch, and will fit to your body shape


We strive to offer the best clothing possible, and do all our design and development ourselves. This often means sitting on a turbo trainer while trying on various designs of jersey with different fabrics, panels, and cuts, all to find the best solution for you. We also use ourselves and our network of ambassadors to try out new items in real-world conditions and provide feedback before we finalise and launch any new products.


At VOID, our purchasers have decades of experience in the clothing industry, and know what we should have made where, and by whom. The majority of our clothes are made in Europe, but some items are made in China. The main reason we choose to have some items made in China is the expertise and quality offered in the products we have made there.