About VOID

VOID Cycling is a Swedish bike clothing brand created by passionate riders. We are on a mission to fill the void between work and play, emotions and logic, the bike and the clothes. VOID Cycling is a constant reminder to take time off and focus on those soulful moments.

VOID Cycling perfectly merges Swedish design and high-end functionality with contemporary fashion. We bring fashion to cycling.


The VOID Story

After a hiatus from cycling to focus on other sports, one of VOID’s founders wanted some non-club kit to wear on the bike and was disappointed with what was available on the market.

He wanted the same choice when cycling that he has for normal clothes.
He wanted to show off his personality.
He wanted style.
He wanted fashion.

And that’s how we started; from one cyclist’s desire to fill the fashion void within cycling.

In 2013 we launched our first collection. Today the VOID product line covers many categories, from menswear to womenswear, jerseys to shorts, jackets to crews, road to off-road. Every single item is created from a need or a dream, so you can push your own boundaries on the road or trails.

It's time for a change, cycling needs fashion and VOID offers you what you need to bring fashion to cycling.